Maja Bajevic, Vertigo, 2007, five-screen video installation (6’18’’). Video stills / simulation in space.



The title of the work is Vertigo, the spin, the whirl; a spin that the spectator should experience both on a psychological but also on a physiological level. To create that whirl the installation is composed of three simultaneous back projections, one from the ceiling, the two others from the walls in the corner under the ceiling. The aim is to plunge the spectator in a universe of vertiginous trauma. He/she is taken and kept captured by the three projections that surround him/her. A whirlwind of images that move simultaneously in order to put him/her out of balance. This action is sometimes interrupted by the opposite movement on one of the screens. The whirl is filmed by an expressive, experimental camera that reinforces the atmosphere of Angst. As the movie continues more and more digital interferences occur, as if the media itself has gone mad. Inter weaved into that universe are images from a psychiatric hospital were inmates happily sing Hollywood classics like As Time Goes By or Casablanca.

The world out of balance; after Kurosawa ‘In a world gone insane only the mad are still sane’.