Maja Bajevic, To Be Continued/ Performance, 2012.
Photo documentation: Julia Sherman.


Performance / Category – Random

Scaffolding has been placed in one corner of the hall in order to allow access to the upper window levels. A group of five performers dusts these windows – putting dust on them rather than removing it. On  the dusty windows they write slogans which are washed away before the process starts over again. History soils the precious lace dress of the Sleeping Beauty. A task as futile as Sisyphus’, this element helps to underline the absurdity of the process.

The performance cycle lasts for five days, four hours per day. Mounting and dismounting the scaffolding is part of the performance. At the end of the session the scaffolding and the scrawled slogans on the half-cleaned windows stay on as artifacts of the performance. The tools used by the workers also remain on display.