Maja Bajevic, Space and Time, 2007, two-channel video installation (6’06”) & (3’25”), color, sound.
Exhibition view: Quelqu’un veille sur toi, Galerie Michel Rein, Paris, France, 2008.
Photo documentation: Florian Kleinefenn


Space and Time

Space and Time is a two channel video installation on a single screen, projected from the front and from the back. The front projection, “Space”, shows a clock stopped in time, hesitating if it should go forwards or backwards, hesitating in the space in between 18h 15 min 05 seconds and 18h 14 min 55 seconds.    Once the spectator goes to the back projection, behind the screen, his movement launches a sensor that starts the soundtrack of the second video, “Time”. The soundtrack, specially composed for this piece by Nedim Zlatar, is a reminiscence of thriller movie music, a pulsating sound full of hidden promises and expectations, a suspense sound that enforces us to believe that something terrible and important will happen, something sublime, but what? On the screen nothing happens, there is an out of the hand shot image of train tracks at twilight without any action at all.