Maja Bajevic, Maureen, maman et moi, 1998, video installation, three Super 8 projectors, laundry, dimensions variable.
Exhibition view: Arte in guerra, Palazzo Reale, Naples, Italy (Curator Izeta Gradjevic), 1998.


Maureen, Maman et Moi

Three Super 8 films are projected onto laundry, depicting three periods and positions in a women’s life: the women-child, the women-lover and the women-mother. Although together in space, each seems to be alone in her preoccupations: I am humming a lonely lullaby; Maureen is talking about a man, lost in her own thoughts; and my mother is worried about the future of her child, but also, strangely enough, talking more to herself. They are placed in such a way that they almost mirror each other in the unstable surfaces of clothes hung out to dry.