Maja Bajevic, La vie est belle, 2001, performance / photographs.
Exhibition view: Café, Theatre, Art Depot, Sarajevo Winter Festival, CDA, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Curator Jusuf Hadzifejzovic), 2001.
Photo documentation: Dejan Vekic


La vie est belle

Ten female and ten male participants took part in this collaborative performance. The women (including myself) work in the cultural field (artists, curators, actresses, musicians, etc.). In contemporary Bosnia and Herzego-vina their professions are the least respected and remunerated. We took the stage of the theater and one after the other sang a refrain from the locally popular song “La vie est belle” (Life is beautiful), which has somewhat naïve and dull lyrics. In front of the stage, ten young men, members of the basketball team “Bosna,” played a basketball match. Like the women, they give a false image of joy, youth, and strength. Like us, their lives too are far from joyful. In a country where nothing seems to work out, “life is beautiful…”