Maja Bajevic, Double-Bubble, 2001, single-channel video (3’60”), color, sound.


Double Bubble

There is a noticeable misuse of religion nowadays that has a whole range of characteristics that separate these new religions — “turboreligions” or “techno-religions” — from those that man has been killing in the name of for centuries. The term “turbo-religion” signifies for me a form of religion adapted to the comfort of the individual. Through these personalized religions the individual is able to express his difference from those who do not belong to the same religion, and his connection to those who belong to the group — those who are the “same” or “us.” The other part of the game is even worse: nationalism and hatred that is easily expressed through these “turbo-religions.” All in the name of God.

I want to show the face of nationalism disguised in religion. Contradictions that are usually hidden are exposed. Contradictions that no one questions anymore, such as: “I don’t eat pork. I do not drink during the Ramadan. But I take ecstasy.” Or: “I go to church. I rape women.” Or: “I always pre-program my arms on Fridays, since on Saturdays I don’t do anything.” Putting myself in the role of the interpreter of intellectual and moral rape, I also want to show the displacement one can feel in a world of hidden lies and violence.