Maja Bajevic, Bergman, Bond, Bajevic, 1998, installation, Super 8 projector, two-channel soundtracks, laundry, dimensions variable / photographs.
Exhibition view: Beyond the Mirror, SCCA, entrance to the Obala open-air cinema, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Curator Dunja Blazevic), 1998.
Photo documentation: Dejan Vekic


Bergman, Bond, Bajevic

The work is composed of three parts: two soundtracks (one female voice, one male) and a film recorded and projected in Super 8. The first soundtrack, the female voice, comes from found footage, an answering machine recording in Dutch. The female voice has a confessional character, one of self-examination, talking about and to a man and her relationship to him. Opposite this is the male voice that repeats, every four minutes: “My name is Bond, Jeremy Bond.” A black-and-white film, showing a woman speaking, is projected on bed sheets hanging out to dry. The female voice is separated from the female image. Deconstruction of the film language itself was what interested me. The whole installation is placed in the entrance of an open-air cinema. This placement makes the public enter through one film into another.